Out of Area Registrations

GP practices are now able to register patients who live outside their usual NHS registration area if it is clinically appropriate. It is important to note that a number of important conditions apply to this new type of registration.

What are the benefits?

Out-of-Area registration may benefit you if you live outside of our registration area but work close to the Surgery or frequently visit the local area. You will then be able to see a health professional at a more convenient location for your everyday healthcare and prescriptions.

What are the drawbacks?

If you live outside of our usual registration area and choose to register with us as an Out-of Area patient, you will not be able to receive a home visit from the Surgery if you become unwell or immobile. You may also find that some maternity, district nursing and other community-based services are more difficult to access, as different NHS arrangements may apply where you live.

What happens if I become ill at home and can’t get to the Surgery?

If you need medical help or advice during opening hours you should first contact the Surgery in the usual way. If you can’t get to the Surgery, we may ask you to call NHS 111 who will put you in touch with the urgent care service covering the area where you live (you may then be offered an appointment with a healthcare professional close to your home or a home visit or ambulance where necessary).

For this reason, Out-of-Area registration is generally advised if you are usually healthy and mobile and have reliable access to a friend or relative who can bring you to the Surgery if you become unwell. If you are frail or have complex health needs, you are advised to register with a GP in the area where you live.

Applying for Out-of-Area registration

Accepting an Out-of-Area registration request is discretionary and your request may be declined by the Surgery if it is not considered to be in your best interests, clinically appropriate or practical. Each request is decided on a case-by-case basis.

To make this decision we may:

  • Ask you (and the Surgery you are currently registered with) some questions about your health and care needs
  • Ask you some practical questions about your means of transport to the Surgery (for example, how often you visit the city and how you would get here if you became ill)

We will not refuse a request unfairly and welcome applications from patients of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and culture.

If your registration request is accepted, you will be able to receive the full range of NHS services provided at the Surgery. We may review your registration periodically to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP Surgery closer to your home.

For further information visit the NHS Choices website (www.nhs.uk )

To make an Out-of-Area registration application complete our form